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We learned on Monday morning that my Grandpa had passed in his sleep. My mom spoke to him before he went to bed Sunday evening, just before the huge news about Osama hit the world. As a veteran, he passed peacefully as thousands celebrated freedom across the country.

We expected him to make it for a few more years, but such is life. Grandpa is a saved man in Christ and we will reunite at some point in the afterlife.

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My poem Titled “Grandpa”.  Written May 27th 1988, almost 23 years ago. I was 15.
By Tim Freeland

He’s here Momie! He’s here!…we would yell, running to the front door.

We would wait for him to get out of the car, and anxiously await a big hug. We would have to stretch our little arms around his big chest to be squeezed by his arms in return.

Many years pass of talking to him on the phone, getting his cards for your birthdays and awaiting his big boxes of Christmas presents that would arrive in the mail and fill the whole bottom of our tree. But, there would never be a time as great as the times when he would come and visit us. We would all go places to eat out and have fun together as a family.

Over the years, grandpa gets old and out of condition, but that does not change the way we feel towards him, or the way he feels for us. He always does that extra little thing for us. That extra little favor.

I will miss you Grandpa. Please don’t go, I love you so.

Your loving grandson, Tim

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