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I few weeks ago I took my daughter Rylie to the Mall of America during the day for a father-daughter outing. I had taken off the day and she was on spring break. We went to eat at the “Rainforest Cafe” and then to the “Underwater World Adventures” then to the “Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park”. This used to be the old “Camp Snoopy”. We started on a few rides and eventually landed on the log roller coaster. This is the one where the log/boat floats throughout the ride and you end in a watery fall. Well, we rode this one so many times, the operators almost knew us by name. We knew every turn and when every creepy dude would jump out. Oh, we also got more and more wet as the day went on.

Well, as we were walking out to the ramp to go home, Rylie was holding my hand and said “Dad, this has been the best day of my whole life”. I replied, “life will only get better and better too.” It was a great day!