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I never saw Harmon play in person, but as a life long die-hard Twins fan, you certainly know all about him. In particular, from a young age, I knew that he was something way more than an incredible baseball legend.  He was almost more known for being a humble and kind human being to others. This is rare, especially now-a-days.

It hit me just a few days ago, that this might just be the single person who set in motion, the notion of a “Minnesota Nice” mentality that us Minnesotans are well known for.  Did Harmon set an example for our state for all to model after, creating a general mentality?  Who knows, but it seems plausible.

Now…anyone that knows me well knows my long time connection to the number 3…especially the number 33 (double the fun).  Following the 9th loss in a row on May 16th, 2011, Harmon “Killer” Killebrew lost is battle with Esophageal Cancer.  Immediate next sparked mourning and celebration of his life and accomplishment.

As I write this on May 20th, days after I posted my immediate recognition of the following string of “3” related coincidences on Facebook, the Star Tribune posted an article today point out a similar phenomenon.

After a 9 game losing spell (9 is a 3×3) the Twins finally won a game on the day of Harmon’s passing by a score of 2 to 1 (2+1=3).  The Twins won with the help of 3 hits and giving up 3 hits to Seattle.

Harmon died and the game was played on 5/17/11; 5+17+11=33.

Today we sit on a 3 game winning streak (a west coast game is scheduled later tonight)

and oh…the official game-time wind speed on record was 3 MPH!