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(Original post date Aug 20th 2008) I was able to stop by the Cinema last week and snap off some quick photos of their tear-out process. Jerry Anderson was there with Vicki as they watched a hand full of projectionist remove the three cameras. Vicki was the “face and voice” of my movie watching childhood. She was besides herself. I kept wanting to hug her. I informed her that I was upset at her for a time when she wouldn’t let me in to see Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”. It was some comic-relief. Vicki spoke about getting a “day job” for the first time in twenty-something years. She just couldn’t imagine having an evening free.

I think you’ll love this series of photos as you can see a rare “behind the scenes” view of the theaters and of the upstairs projector room. Not to mention the theaters with the lights on. Did you ever know that was the color scheme?

I’ve also included a sot I grabbed from the papers website that shows the very first film that I saw there. Yes, I was standing in line on the first showing of Indiana Jones -The Temple of Doom.