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My Grandma Esta Freeland-Cox has spent many many hours with a quilting needle in her hands during her 96 years.  It’s been a source of entertainment, socialization and crafting for years.  When I was very young Grandma Esta told me that I’d receive a hand made quilt some day when I graduated from high school.  She simply asked me what color I wanted.  Under pressure and completely unaware of the longevity of this decision, I said “yellow” for some reason.  I hated yellow then, and still do today.  BUT…when I graduated from Northfield High School in 1991, there was my quilt on the gift table, sealed for freshness in a plastic covering.  Each of her grandchildren received a hand sewn quilt at graduation as their gift.  There were five of us.  Mine was yellow. 

I recently realized that I have slept with this quilt off and on for eighteen years since graduation.  This included all of college and in five different homes.  So, last week I laid the quilt out on the bed, as seen in the photo, and carefully studied the patterns and reminisced on all of the years that this piece has served me.  I ran across her little tag that is sewn onto each of her creations.  Click on it to see the larger view.  It says “Specially Fashioned by Esta Cox”.  Why did it take me eighteen years to see this?  I guess we take tags for granted.

Last week I asked grandma about the material on the floral patterns.  She explained that she had stockpiles of materials in her collection from years of setting aside pieces of clothing and cloth samples of interest.  She even thought some used in my quilt were from her mothers collection.  Although she could not identify any particular piece of cloth in particular, she did indicate that any old piece could have been anything from her maternity clothing to her mom’s Sunday church outfit.

How’s that for lasting quality.