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Inspired by a Mashable blog this week, which introduced dearphotograph.com, I went out to take my own personal photo-versions. The website is only a few weeks old, and the concept a flash idea by the creator, Taylor Jones.  So simple yet so brilliant.  I was blown away at the results.

Following are old photos from my earlier life, held up on top of the current version and shot with a camera to capture a blend of then and now!

Northfiled, MN. Chad, Andy my Mom with our hand-crafted swords and shields, Circa 1983 and 2011.

Mowing 1988 against a June 2011 back drop. That's Tim Freeland, Northfield MN

Chad and I in 1991 showing off our mustle cars

My parents house built in 1993, Northfield MN.

UPDATE:  They featured my photo on dearphotograph.com!  http://dearphotograph.com/post/6465014321/dear-photograph-that-stop-sign-gave-me-a-good

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